Poolside Playlist

Here at S’well HQ, we’ve been working for the weekend and now it’s finally time kick back and relax. In celebration of the 3-day break, we put together a Spotify playlist to accompany you and your S’well bottle poolside, beachside, or wherever else you might be. Yes, we know there’s a lot of Drizzy included. But an office that loves Drake together, stays together. Enjoy!

Cinco de Mayo Recipes

It’s Cinco de Mayo and we’re ready for some tequila drinks. Check out the best Margarita & Paloma recipes to mix up in your 9oz S’well Bottle, on the blog.

S’well Turns 5

S’well is 5 years old & are ready to celebrate! Our customer loyalty has been the best gift of all, so in return, S’well wanted to give gifts to YOU.