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Product Info


Thanks to our triple-walled ThermaS'well™ insulation technology, which includes a copper layer, S'well products are able to keep any liquid hot or cold for long stretches while maintaining a condensation-free exterior.

S'well bottles, Travelers, and Roamers will keep your beverage cold for up to 24 hours or hot for up to 12.

Please note, S'well product claims are based on tests using water. Other beverages may have varying results.

Please see our Care & Caution section for the full scoop on how to use your S’well product safely and effectively!

Each S’well product is a born multi-tasker—it’s really up to you how you want to integrate it into your lifestyle. Looking for inspiration? Below, we’ve outlined some of the important features of each of our products and a few of our favorite ways to use them.

The Original Bottle: Our classic S’well bottle is coveted for a reason: it combines beautiful design with superb quality, and can be used around the clock for all your hydration needs. We love using it for everything from ice water to white wine to green juice. It’ll keep your beverage cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12, and maintain a condensation-free exterior so you’ll never have to worry about it sweating in your bag or making water rings on your desk.

The Traveler: Consider the Traveler your go-anywhere go-to. Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand, this new wide mouth shape is optimal for coffee or smoothies on your morning commute, or for hydrating during hikes or workouts. Triple-walled insulation keeps beverages cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12.

The Tumbler: Calling all entertainers: the Tumbler is about to be your new best friend for all your indoor and outdoor festivities. Available in two sizes (10oz and 18oz), the Tumbler keeps drinks hot or cold with a condensation-free grip, making it perfect for serving up small batch cocktails at home or sharing a bottle of rosé on the beach. It’s also great for keeping water cold through the night on your bedside table, or throughout the workday at your desk. Heading out? Our insulated stainless steel Tumbler Lid instantly transforms the Tumbler into the ultimate to-go cup. The lid pops on with ease and is straw-friendly.

The Roamer: Meet your new, on-the-go pitcher: the ready-for-anything Roamer. In 40oz and 64oz sizes, it’s ideal for sharing beverages with your whole crew. It will keep you hydrated on all your big adventures—think long hikes, road trips and camping excursions—and keep carbonated beverages (like beer) fresh and bubbly at tailgate parties or trips to the brewery.The Roamer keeps beverages cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12, and maintains a condensation-free exterior. Its ergonomic handle and base ledge make for easy carrying and pouring. The handle of S’well Roamers is made of Tritan, which is BPA-free, and is not intended for removal.

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Please see our Care & Caution section for the full scoop on how to use your S’well product safely and effectively!

We do not recommend putting your S’well in the refrigerator, freezer, or microwave, as it can damage the bottle and its vacuum seal. But not to worry—you probably won’t have to warm or cool your beverage. Thanks to S’well’s genius, triple-walled technology, your drink should stay cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12. (This pertains to our lidded products, such as our Original Bottle, Traveler and Roamer.)

Your S’well will certainly help your drink stay fresh all day long, but it’s not intended for long-term storage of liquids. Alcohol, some juices, and dairy-based beverages can spoil and may cause excessive pressure buildup in your bottle, which can lead to lid failure and injury. And remember, putting your S’well in the fridge can damage the vacuum seal that helps it maintain ideal temperatures.

Your S’well is airport security friendly, as long as you remember to empty out what’s inside first. Bon voyage!

No way! Thanks to S’well’s triple-walled insulation, which includes a copper layer, the outside of your S’well will stay completely condensation-free.


S’well products are made of high-quality, 18/8 food-grade stainless steel. This material is highly resistant to rust and does not need a liner. S’well products are certified to meet all regulatory requirements by an independent and accredited testing facility. In addition, we are compliant with California Prop 65 regulations and Title 21 of the FDA Code of Federal Regulations. Your S’well is BPA-free, and provides a sustainable eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic water bottles.

Our bottles and beverage containers are thoughtfully designed in New York City and responsibly made in China.

As S'well evolves, we continue to find new ways to lessen our environmental footprint. In fact, we launched S'ip by S'well with minimal cardboard packaging and we’ve recently updated (and downsized) our S'well packaging to a slim belly band made of 100% recycled paper. These discreet belly bands contain all the information you'll need about your new product, including care and caution instructions. The band is secured around your S’well with a few glue dots; it should come off with ease. If any residue remains on the product, a little rubbing alcohol (91%) will help it come off without damaging the paint on your bottle. Anything stronger than that may compromise the finish.

Be assured that we have taken the necessary steps to ensure that our products are properly protected during shipping and that we will continue to uphold our standards of excellence with this packaging change.


S’well Original:
25oz = 11.81”H x 3.15” W, 1 lb
17oz = 10.39” x 2.80” W, 0.69 lbs
9oz = 7.89”H x 2.64” W, 0.5 lbs

S’well Traveler:
20oz = 9.2”H x 3.25” W, 1 lb
16oz = 8.1”H x 3.25” W, 0.8 lbs
12oz = 6.5”H x 3” W, 0.69 lbs

S’well Tumbler:
18oz = 6.1”H x 3.3” W, 0.47 lbs
10oz = 3.3”H x 3.3” W, 0.25 lbs

S’well Roamer:
64oz = 10.8"H x 5.2"W, 1.8 lbs
40oz = 8.9"H x 4.7"W, 1.44 lbs

S’well Cocktail Kit jigger:

S'ip by S'well

S'ip Original
23oz. = 11.75"H x 3.2"W, 0.94 lbs
15oz. = 10.39"H x 2.80"W, 0.69 lbs
10oz. = 7.89"H x 2.64"W, 0.5 lbs

S'ip Travel Mug
16oz = 7.83"H x 2.92"W, 0.62lbs


Caps & Lids:

Designed to accommodate your active lifestyle, the Sport Collection offers ease and accessibility on-the-go, whether your passion is long runs, high hikes or back bends.

Swing Cap: The new Swing Cap is designed with a hinged handle for comfortable, two-fingered carrying. It can also be clipped onto backpacks or bags for hands-free portability.

Sport Cap: Our Sport Cap clicks open and closed easily for a one-handed and splash-free drinking experience. No need to pause the treadmill or interrupt a perfect yoga pose to unscrew the cap, simply click it open to hydrate easily. The Sport Cap is intended to be used with cold liquids only.

S'ip Adventure Cap: Designed with a convenient pop top, the S'ip Adventure Cap is ideal for on-the-go sipping and storage. The U-shaped stainless steel handle is designed for easy carrying, or clipping onto your bag or backpack for hands-free portability. The S'ip Adventure Cap is intended to be used with cold liquids only.

Please Note: The S’well Sport Cap and S’ip Adventure Cap are designed for convenience and ease of drinking; temperature retention may vary to that of the S’well Original Cap which is meant for insulation and storage.

Our new Swing and Sports caps were designed to fit most of our S’well bottles. Please note that these caps may not fit some of our bottles.

The Commuter Lid transforms any size S’well Traveler into the perfect on-the-go beverage container. Designed to sip on during even the most hectic on-the-go moments, the Commuter Lid offers the easiest of access to hydration (or java motivation) when you need it most. The stainless steel lid features a convenient pop top. Simply pop up the tab to drink, and snap it shut to seal again. Coming Holiday 2018.

Please Note: The S’well Commuter Lid was designed for convenience and ease of drinking; temperature retention may vary to that of the S’well Original Traveler Lid which is meant for insulation and storage.

Clean using warm, soapy water. Make sure to dry upside-down. Do not use with carbonated beverages.

For on-the-go sipping, just screw on the lid and use the tab on top to open and close. Be sure you make sure it’s tightly closed before throwing it into your bag! Do not use the sipping tab to twist the lid on and off!

Yes! The Commuter Lid was made to be used on all sizes of our S’well Traveler.

Cocktail Kit:

With all the hosting and toasting that comes with the holiday season, our new Cocktail Kit makes the perfect gift for your favorite aspiring mixologist, hostess or spirits connoisseur—or festive present to yourself. Measure and mix your drink of choice using our stainless steel jigger and shaker, then serve in our dinner-party-ready Tumblers.

Please note the S’well Cocktail Kit was designed for shaking and serving; temperature retention may vary.

The S'well Cocktail Kit comes with three components: the tumbler, the lid, and the cap. To avoid air pockets you must first remove the cap before placing the lid onto the tumbler. You'll want to shake with care and keep your index finger on cap of the shaker when shaking.

This product is not intended for use with carbonated beverages. S’well does not recommend using carbonated beverages with your Cocktail Kit.

The jigger holds the standard .75 ounces in its small end and 1.5 ounces in its large end. These measurements are when it is filled to the rim.

You can clean all the components of your Cocktail Kit with soapy warm water. Do not place it in the dishwasher.

Straw Set

S'well's straw is composed of three components: a 6.7" base piece, a curved silicone flexi-neck, and a 2.2" end piece. The complete straw measures approximately 9.4 inches in length with a .24 inch diameter.

The straws are made of high-grade 18/8 stainless steel and FDA approved food-grade silicone. They are BPA/BPS-free, eco-friendly, and reusable.

First, take the straw pieces apart - use caution when handling small components around small children. Wet the cleaning brush with warm soapy water and then use to clean the interior and exterior of each piece. Rinse thoroughly, and allow to dry completely before reassembly and drinking use.

Please clean before initial use.

For everyday hydration, of course! The straw fits in the mouth of all our bottles, travelers, and both the Commuter and Tumbler lids.! Pro Tip: You can also use the straw without the end piece and drink directly from the silicone flexi-neck.

Caution: Hot liquids can burn user. Not for children under 3 years old.

Care & Caution


S'well products should be cleaned regularly—we recommend washing your bottle with warm water and soap after every use and drying and storing it with the top off. Our S’well Bottle Brush is a great tool to ensure your bottle stays thoroughly clean. Avoid submerging your bottle and cap in water for long periods of time as this will interfere with the vacuum seal. S'well bottles are NOT dishwasher safe! Running a S’well through the dishwasher can cause paint to chip and the vacuum seal to become ineffective. After washing your S'well, we recommend that you dry your beverage container by airing it out upside down and storing it with the lid off. This will help keep your S’well looking and smelling fresh.

The band is secured around your S’well with a few glue dots; it should come off with ease. If any residue remains on the product, a little rubbing alcohol (70-91%) will help it come off without damaging the paint on your bottle. Anything stronger than that may compromise the finish.

Chalk Ink Pens are a fun way to label and personalize your bottle. The ink won’t rub off on your hand when you take a drink, but can easily be removed with a damp cloth, sponge or a bit of dish cleanser. Chalk Ink pens are safe and toxin free, just like the rest of our products.

For questions or concerns regarding warranty and cleaning information for our Swarovski bottles, please email


S’well products should only be used for their intended purposes.

  • Do not place your S’well in the microwave.
  • Do not place your S’well in the freezer.
  • Do not overfill; hot liquids can burn user.
  • To prevent spills and leaking, the lid needs to be properly and fully tightened to ensure airtight seal.
  • S’well products are not intended for the long-term storage of liquids. Alcohol, some juices, and dairy-based beverages can spoil and may cause excessive pressure buildup in your bottle, which can lead to lid failure and injury.
  • If you are using your S’well to enjoy a fizzy soda, some bubbly, or another carbonated beverage, please use caution when opening. The airtight seal maintains the pressure required for all those bubbles. However, we don’t want you to spray some champagne on your favorite jacket or have the cap get away from you. If using with carbonated beverages, never point the bottle at anyone when opening.
  • S’well Tumblers, even paired with our lid, are not enclosed and may spill if not handled with care. Hot beverages can cause serious injury if spilled on user, so remember to exercise caution when using this product.
  • Misuse of the S’well Roamer and its handle may result in injury, as well as cause premature wear and tear of the beverage container.
  • Misuse of the Swing Cap and its handle may result in injury, as well as cause premature wear and tear of the bottle.



We’re so excited to offer personalization as a way to make your S’well all your own. By visiting the Personalization Shop on our website, you can specify the name, initials, or word of your choice and it will be engraved on your S’well bottle by our decorators. This engraving option is available for select S’well Bottle styles and sizes. We do not offer color or printed personalization at this time. See our Personalization page for more information and to place a personalized order. Please read our Policies for more restrictions.

Orders will be processed within 24 hours of receipt of order.* Once your order ships, we’ll send you a tracking number so you can keep tabs on your package. Currently, we offer the following shipping methods for personalization:

Economy Shipping
Your order will ship within 1 business day and arrive 4-8 business days after the order was shipped.*

International Shipping
For most countries, you can expect delivery in 8–11 business days from the time your order is placed (including a 1-3 day processing period), this may vary depending on your country’s customs requirements.

**Peak Season Notice: Orders containing personalized items may experience a slower processing time and ship within up to 72 hours of receipt.

All personalization costs $10. This cost will be added to the original listed price of the S’well product.

We currently have three personalization options available, each with a different character limit. If you choose to engrave a name, there is a 10 character limit. For initials, there is a 3 character limit.

Special characters are limited to the following lower case letters: à, â, ä, é, è, ê, ë, ì, ï, î, ò, ô, ö, ù, ç, and ñ.

If you choose our Name option, it will be engraved vertically on the bottle. If you choose Initials, it will be engraved horizontally. The text will be centered on the bottle on the opposite side from our S’well logo. At this time it cannot be adjusted to any other location.

Please see the full list of styles and sizes available here.

Our personalization is done in our custom S’well font, designed specifically for a clean look that works nicely with our bottle design. We do not offer other font options at this time.

All personalized bottles are Final Sale. We will not accept returns or exchanges.

Gift Bags:

Our S’well Gift Bag is a perfect solution for concealing your recipient’s S’well surprises. The 100% cotton pouch comes in a variety of sizes to fit all our bottles, including S’ip bottles and our new S’well Roamers.


Small - approx. 5.75” (bottom panel dia.) x 11”(H). Flat width is 8”

  • Bottles: 9oz/17oz S’well Original; 12oz/16oz S’well Travelers; 10oz/18oz S’well Tumblers; 15oz S’ip


Medium - approx. 6” (bottom panel dia.) x 14”(H). Flat width is 9”

  • Bottles: 25oz S’well Original; 20oz S’well Traveler; 10oz/15oz/23oz S’ip Bottles; 16oz S’ip Travel Mugs


Large - approx. 6.5” (bottom panel dia.) x 13”(H). Flat width is 10.5”

  • Bottles: 40oz/64oz S’well Roamers

No, we wanted to make sure you can personalize your gift before it gets to your recipient.

Yes, allowing you to let your recipient know who sent them their awesome S’well bottle.

Currently, we do not have an embroidering feature.

No, our gift bags are available on the accessories page.

Yes, we recommend it! The ways in which you repurpose your gift bag is only limited by your creativity!

At this time, we are only offering our blue gift bag.

S’well will cover replacements for any gift bags that arrive damaged.

Gift Messaging:

300 characters. Please no special characters or emojis, stick to English characters. Please read our Policies for more restrictions.

No, this is a free service!

Once you have submitted your order, we will not be able to edit your gift message.

Your gift message will be located on the bottom of the S’well packing slip.


Promotional Exclusions:

S’well may offer promotional codes and special offers that apply to online orders from Any discounts and/or special offers will be applied to your order upon checkout.

Exclusions include:

  • Already discounted products, including The Last Chance Sale Collection and products from the
  • Student Store
  • S’ip by S’well products
  • Bundles and Gift Sets
  • Cocktail Kits.

Restrictions include:

  • Limit one (1) discount code per purchase.
  • Limit one (1) discount code per purchase.
  • Not valid on prior purchase.
  • Not valid for the payment of taxes and/or shipping fees.
  • Gifts with purchase are not eligible for refunds or exchanges.

Promotions and special offers have no cash value and cannot be sold, transferred or assigned. Void where prohibited, taxed or restricted by law. S’well has the right to end or modify any promotion or special offer and it’s redemption period at any time without notice. S’well reserves the right to cancel and refund orders that violate any of the restrictions listed above.

Discounts & Promotions:

Not at this time! Subscribe to our newsletter for new product releases and promotions!

Yes! Currently S'well is offering the following discounts:

Goodbye Party Sale
S’well offers discounts on select styles available in our Goodbye Party Sale.

Student Store
S’well is offering discounts to students (18 years or older) who are attending an American university or college with a valid student email address. You can access this discount by visiting the Student Store.

Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date on news, discounts, and promotions.

After creating an account using a valid “.edu” email address, you can access the Student Store from the menu or by clicking on the link at the bottom of our website. You may also access it by clicking here.

You can save up to 20% off select styles in the Student Store at Styles are subject to change, so keep an eye on our page for updates. Only available online at

The student discount cannot be combined with other promo codes or offers.

Not to worry. You can create a new account, or reach out to our Customer Service team so they can change your account settings.

Sorry to hear you're having trouble! Try making sure you’ve done the following:

  • You are logged in with your student email address (.edu)
  • You have Student Store select styles in your cart
  • You have not applied a separate promo code to your order

If you’re still having trouble, reach out to us. Customer Service is here to help!

S’well Bottle holds the right to modify or cancel the student status of your account at any time. To be eligible to shop the Student Store and it’s select styles, you must: a) be eighteen (18) years of age; b) currently in a United States university or college; and c) maintain a valid student email address. Your Student status will be revoked if S’well becomes aware that you are not a current student at an American university of college. The discount offered on the Student Store is available online only at and only on select styles, as dictated by S’well alone. This discount cannot be combined with other discounts or promo codes. You must be logged in to your student account, with your valid student email address, to access the Student Store. This discount cannot be applied on previous orders, or on purchases made at other authorized retailers. This discount does not apply to shipping, taxes, or duties. Terms are subject to change. Please see's Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy for additional website usage information.

Warranty Information:

S’well offers a one-year limited warranty on all bottles purchased from and authorized retailers with proof of purchase. For more information regarding authorized retailers please visit our authenticity page. This warranty covers any manufacturer defects, such as thermal performance issues, base becoming detached from the bottle and non-polished surfaces. To report a claim, please send an email to with proof of purchase, reason for claim and pictures of your bottle. Specifically, please send a full-length photo of the front of the bottle, the bottom of the bottle and the claimed damage or defect area, if applicable. S’well reserves the right to request the product to be sent to our office for additional review and to verify the claim. All shipping labels will be provided by S’well.

S’well will review all cases. In the event that S’well deems a replacement is necessary, we will replace the product with the same style and size. If that product is not available, the closest style will be sent as a replacement.

S’well’s one-year limited warranty does not cover any issues due to improper use, normal wear and tear, or loss / theft of the bottle.

For questions or concerns regarding warranty and return information for our Swarovski bottles, please email


Submit a request and our S'well Bottle Experts will answer your request within 24 hours. For time sensitive issues, please contact us at (844) 60- SWELL Monday through Friday between the hours of 9AM and 7PM EST.

Please note, if you are trying to get in touch with our Marketing or Communications teams, please click here to submit a request for contact.

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