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I am contacting you to tell you just how much I love your products. I discovered them when the store I work at, Indigo, started to sell them. I have been suing my Teakwood S’well bottle every day for a few months now, and have recommended it to all my friends and family. It has helped me to drink more water, and to even look stylish doing so! Every day at work is a fun challenge for me as I try and sell as many of your bottles as possible– which usually works out successfully.Thank you for being an amazing company!
– Luana

“No joke, this has been the only water bottle I have been using since we got them on the Michael J. Fox Show. My on-set assistant Dale tested this for me when I was sick and made tea in it for me. It really does keep tea warm, and by warm I mean really really hot for 6 hours, just hot for another 6, and then warm for another 4. Quite an amazing product!”

– Kimberly
Assistant Prop Master, Michael J. Fox Show
Boychoir Productions, LLC

“I absolutely love everything about my S’well! It is the best product I have probably ever purchased, and they make the best gifts in the world. I would highly recommend for everyone to buy a S’well! They are affordable, attractive, and can hold a whole wine bottle!! Not many water bottles can do that!”
– The Famous Vernece

“Our mission with our music has always been about people — to encourage them to follow their passion, to strengthen relationships and to inspire them to do good. It’s rare to find a company with the same mission, and we believe we’ve found that in S’well. Not only does S’well create an environmentally conscious solution for something humans use and need every single day, but they somehow manage to help organizations around the world with each and every sale. It only took a matter of minutes for us to sense the giant hearts of the S’well team upon our first meeting. It was obvious that their product was more than a sustainable water bottle — their product was in fact a lifestyle choice that inspires good health and is changing people one bottle at a time. We’re beyond thrilled to announce that both Us The Duo and S’well have joined creative forces to release a one-of-a-kind water bottle. Our hope is that this collaboration will strengthen our unifying mission: to inspire people for the better. We’re excited to finally share this bottle with you and we hope that you’ll join this movement and help the world, one bottle at a time.”
“I’m a big fan of the crisp blue bottle from the Cashmere/Cable Knit collection just in time for the change of seasons. The texture on the bottle reminds me of my comfy/cozy sweaters that get me through the colder winter months.”
– Samantha, Assistant Accessories Editor of Teen Vogue
“I find myself always requesting bottles from the Glitter and Satin collections because the finish and colors of the bottles are so beautiful. S’well bottles are so sleek and look great editorially. After meeting with the S’Well team and hearing their story I had to get a bottle for myself. Not only do they keep my water cold all day, but S’well is a product with a cause. I love that I know I’m contributing to something bigger when I buy a S’well bottle.”
– Amaris, Contributing Fashion Assistant of Lucky
“S’well was a great partnership for us. Not only did one of our members, Cynthia Vincent, have the opportunity to create a unique bottle with proceeds donated to Fashion Targets Breast Cancer, but they also generously donated customized FTBC/SoulCycle bottles for our annual SoulCycle Charity Ride in November.”
– Steven
“I love tea, when I got the swell it allows me to drink my ginger tea all day, without having to go and put the kettle on every time I want some. It reminds me of the old-time hot water flask that I grew up with. The difference is, is that it is more stylish and easy to carry around. BEST invention since the flask.”
– Clyna
“What can I say?! S’well bottles are the BEST reusable bottles out there. I have almost every color and every one of my bottles are used for different day to day life events. I use my 25oz on long trips or days I am at school till late in the evening. Having the 25oz helps me drink the necessary amount water I need to drink everyday. Before I would be consistently buying water on campus. Now since I have S’well bottles in my life I am saving so much more money and walking around with the most fashionable reusable water bottles out there!!”
– Verkisha
“OK, I have to admit I’m impressed with the S’well water bottle I have. Yesterday at noon I put some crushed ice in it and filled it with ice tea. I drank the tea yesterday, but when I came into work this morning, in a warm office building, the crushed ice from yesterday was still in the bottle, that did not have its cover on it all night. Nice product you have there.”
– Scott
“The S’well bottles unique design and colors are so eye catching! Just when I buy a new one they come out with a color I want even more! Whenever I am walking to the streets of Chicago I always get a compliment. In the freezing winter I leave it in my car and my coffee stays piping hot. But what I really love about my bottle, besides the design, is that after a work out my water is still freezing cold.”
– Nicole
“We have been using the his/her/ours bottles for the last month, and literally we talk about them every day. We are so incredibly impressed – we fill them up with cold water at night, and when we wake up, the water is still cold! Amazing! And they are perfect for the gym, for meetings, and for everything in our lives. We literally take them everywhere, and we didn’t expect such a simple gift to literally become such a big part of our every day lives.
– Sara
“I’ve been using aluminum bottles for a while now, and when I came across the S’well bottle, I admired the aesthetics of it, and was also curious to know if it lived up to its properties. So I bought myself a 500 ml bottle over a month ago. I have to say I love everything about this bottle. I love that it keeps my beverages at the right temperature even when I’m carrying it everywhere. It’s durable enough to take to the gym, it looks in place on my desk at work, it complements any attire, fits PERFECTLY in my cup holder in the car (a big non-negotiable!) and more importantly by being a proud S’well owner, I feel like I’m doing my small bit in helping the world get closer to being a plastic bottle-free environment.”
– Kaliopi
“Spent time with our ten year old son this morning sharing your Water Aid resources which played nicely into a project at school and inspired a conversation about what our winery could do to help on a more global scale with issues like water. So even though it might not always feel like it you should know your company is having an impact on the way people think about social responsibility and business. Way to go!”
– John & Tori
Rossi Ranch, Rutherford
“My daughter plays travel softball and it gets hot towards the end of the season. I bought her a Swell based on the prior reviews and it truly is amazing!
She has softball camp at Villanova last week, the temperatures for 3 days straight were 95-99 with heat indexes of 100-105. There wasn’t even a sliver of shade so her Swell sat in the 100 degree heat from 8:30 am-3:00 pm. I filled it every morning at 7:00 with water and ice and yes the ice stayed all day! On the hottest day, heat index of 105, another parent picked her up after camp, during the car ride home my daughter and the parent’s daughter were playing with the ice that was still left in her Swell bottle. It had sat in direct sun for well over 6 hours in over 100 degree heat and it still had ice in it! The parent was then asking my daughter where I bought the Swell bottle so she could by one for her daughter. My daughter proudly said online, just search Swell bottle. I never write reviews, but felt I had to for this. I have never been more impressed with a water bottle and trust me, with my daughter active in softball, we’ve used a lot of water bottles.
Great job Swell on making such a terrific product!!”
– Lori
“Just wanted to let you know how DELIGHTED I am with your bottles! I ordered a bottle for myself and a lunch box size for my granddaughter back in June. I tested them to see if they really keep beverages cold as promised. I left my bottle in a hot car (we’ve had 100 degree + temperatures) for over 5 hours and my water was still cold. My daughter was so impressed that she ordered one. Then a friend of hers ordered one for herself, two lunch box size for her kids, and a “wedding set” for her brother. My son-in-law plays tennis with a few guys that subsequently ordered various sizes. These bottles are a hit in Glen Carbon, Illinois!!”
– Sharon
“I just want to say thank you. Your customer service is great. I order quite a lot of things to be sent to 2 different homes and there is always at one time or another a problem with something, unfortunately. I contacted you when I ordered 4 of your bottles and the place I ordered from was not very helpful and told me to contact you. From start to finish, your team, staff, whatever has been courteous, helpful, and everything else one doesn’t always see today. I just wanted to say thank you. It has been a pleasure both dealing with your company and using your bottles. I wanted you to hear the good…not just the bad…. Thanks again”
– Jill
“My Swell bottle arrived today. Thank you. I’ve been looking for a reusable water bottle with a small mouth for a long time. Also I have worked for a public water utility for 30 years and feel so strongly about providing clean water so I’m also thrilled that you contribute to an organization that helps provide quality water to communities that otherwise would not have any. Thank you.”
– Roberta
“Thank you very much!! Ever since I got my S’well bottle, I have loved showing it off in my yoga class and using is as my secret weapon to stay strong and focused, so I am really excited to continue to do that. I do want you to know that I have been impressed not only with the quality of the product but also with your customer service. Throughout this process, you have been incredibly responsive, professional and committed to your products and customers. Keep up the great job, we need companies and people like you.”
– Cristina
“…Wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that we received all the bottles, and my mom mailed us a few to check out before we get back to Colorado. They are absolutely beautiful! We are so excited to give these to our guests. Thank you so much for facilitating everything, we are absolutely thrilled. Also, we have been using the his/her/ours bottles for the last month, and literally we talk about them every day. Meaning, we have intended to write you an email for a while to let you know just how awesome they are. We are so incredibly impressed – we fill them up with cold water at night, and when we wake up, the water is still cold! Amazing! And they are perfect for the gym, for meetings, and for everything in our lives. We literally take them everywhere, and we didn’t expect such a simple gift to literally become such a big part of our everyday lives. Just wanted to share how happy we are and how much we’ve enjoyed them!”
– Sara & Tripp
“I actually sold four S’well bottles to a customer yesterday. I am featuring the Teakwood one in my Father’s Day blast going out this weekend. I so appreciate the shout out. We were in such great company. You are the best! Promise to keep selling them!!!!”
– Tracy
“I am a rising junior at Vanderbilt University as well as an avid fan of the S’well bottles. I am wondering if you currently have and or have considered having a campus representative to promote S’well. I have owned one and swear by it. I use it when I work out as well as throughout the day to stay hydrated during classes. In the winter, I often use it to hold my coffee again to stay warm through long lectures as well as during lengthy study periods. It is a product that I truly believe in and have enjoyed and would love to continue promoting it on campus because I think it is something a lot of college students would enjoy if they knew what kind of a product it was–let me know if such a position is available and or desired. If not, this is just another testimony from someone who has truly benefited from a S’well bottle!!”
– Cristina

“I hope you do not mind that I am sending you a personal message. My name is Paris Buchanan and I am the co-founder of a full service advertising agency in San Francisco and honestly rarely do I EVER come across a product that can fully recommend to any and everyone I know, however S’well is one of those products.I happened upon S’well when I was away for a weekend with my husband in Murphy’s CA. I went into a small shop, I saw the colorful “water bottles” and thought I have purchased plenty of water bottles and they are all alike…..little did I know my world was about to change. I asked the woman who worked there “are these really great?” to which she replied “not sure”. I went ahead and purchased a 25 oz. Rose colored S’well and from the minute I tried it for the first time I have become your biggest evangalist. I have now purchased 9 bottles (for my team at work) they all love them, in fact we are now buying colored lids to we don’t get our bottles mixed up.

I was recently in Phoenix for a new business meeting and left my S’well in the car at 7:45 am only to return to the car at 2:30 pm and it was over 108 degrees, we were unable to touch the steering wheel but the water in my S’well bottle still had ice in it!

I will continue to be your biggest evangalist – thank you for inventing an amazing product and as a person who is responsible for creating a reason for people to purchase a product you have made your agencies work all that much easier. If you ever need a new agency please consider all of us at PureMoxie!”
– Paris

“This small community has embraced your innovative product to the point that its basically selling all by itself. . A Hedges staff member spotted a colorful line of S’well along the fence of the football field where the cheerleaders practice! My daughter sent her boyfriend to OSU with a bottle and he reported back after 2 days (via screen shot of her text) “tell your mom everyone is commenting on my S’well bottle… they all want one” She replied,” Tell them Hedges in Chagrin Falls !! My sister took hers back to LA with hopes to spread the word where she is a nutritionist to several celebrities, not to mention that her husband plays with Elton John. ( guess what he is getting for Christmas???) The stories go on and on. The real point of the email was to THANK YOU!
Hedges will celebrate its 12th year in business this year. I am always looking for the latest and greatest products out there, and this a truly a home run for us. Not only do we sell it, we all love and use them every day. Thanks again for the excitement that you have generated!!!”
– Sharon
“…I was introduced to your bottle 2 weeks ago, my life was just ok. I used to wake up in the morning with last night’s warm water and condensation on my dresser from the ice melting…not cool. Now I wake up and the sun shines brighter as I drink my ice cold water from my brand new S’well bottle. I can’t wait to introduce everyone I know to S’well and cold drinks for the rest of their life. Just wanted to say thank you.”
– Jonathan
“I wanted to take a moment to follow-up and let you know how much our attendees loved receiving their S’well bottles at our recent Annual Meeting. They are super cool and sleek – and our logo colors in pink and green totally popped on the Silver Lining – and the Ocean Blue bottles were the first to be snapped up. Thanks to you and your team for helping to coordinate these for our attendees. Those on my team who staffed the registration table highlighted to our attendees that S’well is a client of the firm, and we included additional visibility during the weekend, as well. They were a huge hit and we had to hold tight on “one per attendee!” We had ordered some overage, so we plan to give them out as welcome gifts when new attorneys join the firm. Thank you again, for partnering with us. I wish you and your company great success.”
– Terri
“As a fashion-conscious individual, I like to look good whenever, wherever. Because I can’t be holding a Starbucks cup 24/7, I invested in a S’well bottle because of its chic and sleek design. However, I did not expect to receive so many compliments because of my WATER BOTTLE. I’ve been asked about my S’well bottle countless times and I am literally explaining to them how it isn’t only beautiful but that it keeps my drinks actually cold and actually hot! Amazing! Definitely not regretting adding my Sparkling Champagne child into my life. Thanks S’well!”
– Monica, Art Student
“My girlfriend and I both got S’wells and LOVE them (Mine is a large matte green one I call Leonardo for the Ninja Turtles, hers is a wonderful, sleek little black bottle). I’m drinking more water than I ever have in my whole life, and I haven’t used a water bottle in like 2 weeks. I really admire the brand and have been googling a lot about you since I think it’s such a cool idea and it’s exciting to see how well you’re doing.”
– Austin
“I love S’well for long walks and hikes with my dog. Every summer we hike Bear Mountain upstate and needless to say it is HOT. Last summer I brought two Swells with us – since Buckleigh is a dog, she can’t drink super super cold water but I also don’t like to give her warm water when she’s hot. The Swells I packed for her remained the perfect drinking temperature for her throughout the duration of the hike. I also love Swell for after a long run with her; when the weather is warm, I’ll go out in the back of my apartment building and stretch out for an hour or so with water and know that it’ll be cold and refreshing regardless of how long I’m out there. I also love it for times when you know you’ll be walking around and don’t want to waste money on a water bottle that you’ll finish in a few seconds. They’re convenient, they don’t accumulate condensation so I feel good about putting them in my purses or backpacks and know that they won’t ruin my other stuff. I also love using it during the work day (and I get SO many compliments on them) because it won’t get water all over my desk and it saves me the hassle of feeling guilty about using a bunch of plastic cups that don’t hold a lot. I gave my boyfriend one for Christmas – he’s a pilot so he spends a lot of time in the air and away from refrigerators/running water. He loves using Swell for water or coffee when he goes on long flights, especially because he doesn’t have a microwave to reheat his coffee so it’s really key for that and for keeping water refreshing and cold.”
– Darcey
“I received my first S’well bottle as a gift and now I am addicted! It’s great to be able to fill my water bottle up at work and it remains cold for classes I am running late to. I love how its not super heavy and on top of that I receive tons of compliments on it wherever I go.”
– Natalie
“I use my S’well bottle at work throughout the day for three reasons:
1) It has a neutral taste, meaning I don’t feel like I’m ingesting steel or plastic while sipping my water
2) It’s easier to know that I don’t have to drink it all within a certain amount of time before it gets lukewarm. So if I get caught up in work, I don’t have to rush back to the water cooler.
3) When filling it, the water makes a different sound as it gets toward the top due to the narrow neck, so I like to pretend I’m a bat and use echolocation to know when to stop pouring water into it.”
– Jake
“My S’well water bottle is the best one I have ever used. Because it keeps my water cold all day long AND it doesn’t leak or sweat, I take it not only to my work outs, but I also keep it in my business tote bag for use when I go to meetings or give lectures. I bought S’well bottles for each of my children and their spouses, and they all love them. And the wide choice of beautiful colors makes them aesthetically pleasing as well. I have the mid-size, but I will soon be buying both the smaller one and the larger one.”
– Jannette, New York
“As an environmental scientist, using a bottle like S’well helps keep plastic out of the landfills, uses less energy, and is a sustainable solution regarding water use. What makes it even better is that the bottle keeps the water so cold all while looking so good!”
– Dr. Adams, phd Environmental Scientist
I am so utterly in love with my 25oz S’well bottle! As a busy student in graduate school, I am always on the go. From class to fieldwork, my bottle holds the perfect amount of water for the day, doesn’t leak in my bag, and keeps it freezing cold too! My classmates and I even doodle all over my bottle with the chalk pen when I get bored in lectures. The sleek, professional design of the S’well bottle enables me to use it in all settings and drives the curiosity of others to question what I’m using. I cannot wait to purchase my next S’well bottle and expand my collection with a new color (probably the sweet mint)!!
– Jennifer, Graduate Student

– David