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WWD: Unicef Tap Project


S’well is proud to support the UNICEF Tap Project for the first time in 2015. With a $100,000 donation, S’well is supporting UNICEF’s efforts to provide safe, clean water to the world’s most vulnerable children.

The UNICEF Tap Project is back! This year’s initiative asks Americans to unlock 14 million days of clean water for children around the world by encouraging you to stop texting, calling, emailing, tweeting and posting — and challenge your friends to do the same. Millions of children around the globe do not have safe water to drink, and the lack of this basic necessity isn’t just inconvenient — it’s lethal. Take the challenge on your cell phone at www.uniceftapproject.org  throughout the month of March. The longer you go without touching your smartphone, the more clean water will be unlocked for children in need.

The UNICEF Tap Project is a nationwide campaign that provides clean water and adequate sanitation to children around the world. UNICEF works in more than 100 countries around the world to improve access to safe water and sanitation facilities in schools and communities and to promote safe hygiene practices.

For instance, a week after the Category 5 Tropical Cyclone Pam hit the Pacific Islands, UNICEF and partners are rushing water containers, purification tablets and soap to help address the immediate needs of the estimated 60,000 children affected. Initial reports indicate that in two of the six most affected provinces in Vanuatu, Shefa and Tafea, around 60% of the population have no access to safe drinking water, a lifeline for children and families at this critical time.

Additionally, following  the devastating Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines in 2013, UNICEF delivered water kits, water treatment products, portable toilets, and hygiene kits to hundreds of thousands of people in need in order to help prevent the spread of disease.

Unite to fight the world water crisis: For every 15 minutes you don’t touch your phone within the UNICEF Tap Project experience, sponsors and donors can fund one day of clean water for a child in need.

Take the challenge on your cell phone at: www.uniceftapproject.org


Do you freak out when a jumble of words and numbers are thrown at you? We know there are lots of numbers and facts involved in these statistics, and sometimes they can be overwhelming to swallow. We feel you. But it’s important to understand what’s happening outside our little bubbles. So we created this infographic so that it’s easier to visualize the reality of the lack of safe water & sanitation, and to show what you can do to change that.

World Water Day


World Water Day (March 22nd) is quickly approaching and to celebrate, S’well has collaborated with Able Made, a company which is devoted “to bringing communities together to create beautifully designed, exclusive products that fund social impact projects”. Together, S’well and Able Made have designed an exclusive bottle, directly supporting WaterAid’s efforts in Nicaragua. A collaborative social media contest provided fans of both organizations with an opportunity to join in the efforts. Three different designs were produced and the finalized product was voted on by S’well and Able Made supporters alike.

The winning “Thirsty for Change” bottle will help WaterAid to provide clean water to Auhya Pihni Village School in Nicaragua. The school’s current rainwater collection system has proven insufficient to last the entirety of their dry season. Additionally, proceeds from sales of these bottles will aid the production of hand washing stations in each classroom, as well as new bathrooms with separate facilities for boys and girls.

Auhya Pihni is a Miskitu Indian village in the North Atlantic Region of the Nicaraguan Caribbean of Nicaragua inhabited by 276 families (roughly 1,280 people). The three-room secondary school has an enrollment of 50 students (17 boys and 33 girls), while their primary school provides education to 364 students (203 boys and 161 girls).

With your purchase of a Limited Edition Able Made x S’well Bottle, you support WaterAid in America and their funding of this important project.

Join the cause and get yours today: http://bit.ly/MJtvTT

World water day able made blue color reusable swell bottle