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Get to Know the S’well Team


If you’ve been on our website, then you may have already met team S’well. But as our team grows, there’s more to learn about everyone! So we took a little office poll so we can get to know the little things about our team:

But first…coffee

It’s how (almost all of) S’well starts the day, so we figured it’d be the best way to start our office poll. We drink A LOT of coffee in the S’well office, so much so that we have 3 different kinds of coffee machines that are used regularly.


Now that you had your coffee, how did you get to work?

We asked our team members to list all of the many ways of transportation they take to get to the office and were fascinated to see the different combinations. We tallied everything up to see which was the most used form of transportation.


You’re a New Yorker at work, but where are you from?

Home is where the heart is and we wanted to know where everyone’s hearts have their roots.


office poll

We’ll stop pestering you, go eat your bagel!

As a New York based company, we hold our bagels close to our hearts and stomachs. Depending on who you’re in the kitchen with, there’s always a chance someone else’s bagel will look just a little bit better than yours. So we asked everyone what they put on their bagels…so we can steal their ideas.





Home Away from Home


“I thought I would be aloof in the foreign land. I see I will be home far from home”


These were Jacqueline Nyangweso’s warm words as she prepared to fly to the United States for the first time. Jacqueline owns a growing business in Kenya and is the award recipient for the prestigious Fortune/U.S. State Department Global Women’s Mentorship Partnership. The Fortune/U.S. State Department Global Women’s Mentoring Partnership connects talented, emerging women leaders from all over the world, who are between the ages of 25-43, with members of Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Leaders for a month-long program. S’well CEO and one of Fortune’s Most Powerful Women, Sarah Kauss had the pleasure of mentoring Jacqueline. The S’well team welcomed her  into our home for the first two weeks in May, and she quickly became part of the S’well family.

Jacqueline is on a mission to change the lives of women all over Kenya with her microfinance business, Step & Fly. Step & Fly offers small loans to women so they can start their own businesses. She’s created a unique and successful system that includes small-business training and as a result, she boasts a 95% return rate. Through this program, she has helped single and widowed mothers to create businesses that generate enough income to allow them to feed and educate their children.


Having Jacqueline in our office has taught us that there are a lot of commonalities between Step & Fly and S’well. We have learned that businesses face the same challenges every day, whether you are a water bottle company from New York or a microfinance institution from Kenya.

S’well was able to support Jacqueline in her efforts to learn more about social media platforms, public speaking, data tracking applications, and human resources. But we had some fun along the way, as well. Our team was there with Jacqueline as she experienced her first New York slice, bagels, and even guacamole!

Jacqueline has definitely found her home away from home here at S’well. We just couldn’t resist her positive energy and addictive smile. We’ve learned so much about compassion and community while listening to her tell stories of her business. Even though our new family member is returning back to Kenya, she will always have a place to call home here at S’well.
Check out Step & Fly’s Facebook and Twitter pages and you can read more info about Step & Fly here.