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Why Choose Reusable? Top 5 Reasons to Put Down the Plastic

Think about the last time you drank out of a plastic bottle. Now think of the last time you cared. The truth is, many people don’t think about the impact of using plastic. We purchase and drink out of water bottles as if the world would end if we drank some tap water. In addition to polluting landfills and water supplies worldwide, there’s also one candidate to the malice of plastic we overlook: “BPA”, or Bisphenol-A to be exact. BPA walks on thin ice when it comes to expert studies on its adverse effect on humans. Along with BPA, many other factors contribute to why we think you should switch to good old stainless steel.

1. Make your wallet greener.

Buying plastic water bottles can cost consumers up to $1,400 per year if they drink the recommended eight glasses a day via plastic bottles. Although many people would argue they only purchase a few bottles a week, that’s still a heck of a lot more than the standard US tap water rate of $0.49 a year. We think using reusable bottles instead of plastic is worth it. Think about it, many individuals (786 million people) don’t have access to clean water. Take advantage of Uncle Sam’s gift of available tap water. And if you want to do more to help like we do, please donate here.

2. If scientists care, why shouldn’t you?

Although many studies about the use of plastic water bottles are inconclusive on the effects of BPA (bisphenol-A, a plastic hardener in most plastic containers), the fact that scientists care should at least raise an eyebrow. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and less BPA in your life certainly won’t hurt you. According to many studies conducted on mice exposed to higher levels of BPA, the use caused hormonal problems, developmental issues in infants, and even neural hazards. A recent study published on Fast Company also states that there is now one definitive link between liver cancer and BPA – finding that mice exposed to BPA from birth for 10 months developed tumors, even when they were already resistant to them. Yikes.

3. Pollution.

Plain and simple. If we have to produce billions of bottles a year, the waste and fossil fuels used must be astronomical. According to one study, the fuel used to power the manufacturing plants could instead give 100,000 homes energy for one year. Also, transporting the plastic water bottles to distribution facilities around the globe does affect greenhouse gasses.

4. You won’t recycle.

Let’s face it, only 1 out of 5 plastic bottles purchased will reach the recycling bin. Due to busy lifestyles, lack of information, and popular trends, people just throw these things away. It’s way less likely you’ll throw away a stainless steel bottle you spent your hard earned money on, and did we mention they will look way cooler? Plastic: a fashion no-no.

5. Durability.

Plastic bottles are one and done. Whichever metal water bottle you choose as an alternative (hmm, can’t think of any!), will last. Do the math.

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