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#SwellAdventures in Seoul


S'well covers the adventures of a photographer on a trip from Canada to Seoul


This year, we’re resolving to finally cross some vacation destinations off our bucket list. Let our latest S’well Adventurer be your inspiration. Jonathon Smith is a photographer based in Calgary, Canada, who has a love for getting outdoors to get the perfect shot. Read on to learn more about his knack for adventure and see his visual travel diary as he goes from Canada to Seoul and back.


S'well covers the adventures of a photographer on a trip from Canada to Seoul


Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m Jonathon Smith. I’m a photographer who lives in Calgary, Canada. I was raised in Calgary so going on adventures and exploring was always easy with the Rocky Mountains being so close.


Tell us about your #SwellAdventures.

The locations in the photos are from Seoul, South Korea and the Canadian Rockies. In Seoul, I took my photos at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza which is probably one of my favourite architectures in the world. The plaza is designed by Zaha Hadid who is my favourite architect. If you are ever in Seoul, be sure to put the plaza on the top of your to-do list. Another location is Moraine Lake, located in the Canadian Rockies. The water is unbelievably blue, with spectacular reflections of the sun on the mountain peaks during summer mornings.


Why did you choose that destination?

I choose Seoul for its amazing architecture and the Canadian Rockies for the pure natural beauty.


Which S’well did you take with you?

While in Seoul, South Korea, I travelled with White Marble which was one of the best decisions because the hot weather would have otherwise turned my cold water into tea.


What do you keep in your S’well?

Usually water. Always have to stay hydrated.


S'well covers the adventures of a photographer on a trip from Canada to Seoul


What’s been your favorite adventure to date?

My favorite adventure to date has been a trip to Iceland last fall. I drove all around the island visiting magnificent waterfalls, hot springs, and geothermal geysers. The comfortable fall weather on the South side of the island was a complete contrast to the heavy winter weather on the North side of the island.  Overall, Iceland is most unreal and unearthly country I’ve ever visited.


What are your other adventure/travel essentials?

My camera, a notebook and my laptop.


Have any good adventure tips or tricks you’d like to share?

Step out of your comfort zone and take a chance.  Do your research, leave the “tourist” at home, and take the plunge (on something safe that does not have a high probability of killing you).




What is the next #SwellAdventure on your bucket list?

Hong Kong and Iceland are the next #SwellAdventures locations on my bucket list.


How did you first get started in photography?

I started photography in my teens when I began to realize there was always a story to be told when traveling.


What’s the most inspiring city you’ve travelled to?

Tokyo, Japan – this city has so much fluid motion it gives the appearance of being alive and a sense of direction in the always-moving city.  When speaking with the locals, it is not difficult to the feel the pride they have for the city. I have visited Tokyo four times this year and look forward to visiting it again.


S'well covers the adventures of a photographer on a trip from Canada to Seoul


You can follow along on the rest of Jonathon’s adventures on his Instagram. Don’t forget to share your adventures with us by tagging @swellbottle and using #SwellAdventures.

New Year’s Resolutions

Resolutions for a S'well new year

Photo courtesy of Joanne Encarnacion


S’well saw so much change in the past year, but one of our biggest accomplishments was reaching (and surpassing!) 100K followers on Instagram. We couldn’t be more appreciative for this dedicated online community that is so unwaveringly passionate about our brand. We have so much love for all of our fans who come out in droves to show us love with likes, comments, tweets, snaps, and shares on social. For the New Year, we outsourced to some of our favorite followers to tell us their New Year’s resolutions and what they’re most excited for in 2017.



Resolutions for a S'well new year


My New Year’s Resolutions, or goals this year include taking every moment and make it the best possible version it can be, mostly by getting out of my comfort zone and embracing change. It’s time to start reaching new heights! I’m also hoping to have more outdoor adventures because those are when the good times are had and remembered.” -Mitch Blanchard (@mich_dl)



Resolutions for a S'well new year


With my S’well bottle and a spontaneous spirit, I’ve explored some of greatest sights the U.S. has to offer. Old habits die hard and this is one I’m not letting go of.  As a New Year rolls in comes the haunting question, “What will my New Year’s Resolutions be?!” Twenty-seventeen will be the year of packing smarter (maybe not lighter), doing good & showing love. I hope this year is full of new places, new people & more coffee!” -Alex Aleman (@alexxaleman)



Resolutions for a S'well new year


2017 is all about love and kindness to myself and others! This year you’ll find me in New Zealand + Bali. Mixing it up between hosting retreats and hanging with my boys.  I plan to eat all the smoothie bowls and enjoy sun kissed skin, sandy toes and salty hair!” –Abbylee Bonny (@abbyleebonny)



Resolutions for a S'well new year


In 2017, I hope to find ultimate joy and contentment in living simplistically with the things I have, not longing for the wants, and enjoying the space I call home.” -Rea Sherman (@reamaesherman)



Resolutions for a S'well new year


My commitment in 2017 is to be relentless to myself, my self-care and self-love in health, family, and my business. I spent a lot of 2016 trying to figure out how to align my passions and turn it into purpose so I’m looking forward to finishing nutrition school in June 2017 and building my health and life coaching practice.-Joanne Encarnacion (@gofitjo)



Resolutions for a S'well new year


“Reflecting on an eventful 2016, I realize the smallest moments held profound memories. Therefore, in 2017, my resolution is to consciously embrace the little things. To enjoy the adventure of life in a big way, but to not overlook the small.” -Amelia Blackwell (@honestlymina)

Year in Review


S'well 2016 Year in Review


With one week left of 2016, it seems that everyone around us is reflecting on the past year. S’well HQ is abuzz with pre-New Year partying, and nearly every member of Team S’well has been overheard recounting their favorite memories from the past 365 days. Between new collections, artist collaborations, charity partnerships and industry recognitions, we have a lot to celebrate. We’ve seen so much change, growth, and success this year, and it’s only fitting to look back on all of the wins as we set our sights on next year’s goals. Read on as we highlight some of our favorite moments that made 2016 so spectacularly S’well.


S’well was awarded and recognized 6 times for entrepreneurship, innovation and excellence. We were named one of the fastest-growing NYC companies (Crain’s) and a top innovative consumer brand (Forbes) for the year. S’well Founder and CEO Sarah Kauss was recognized as an impressive entrepreneur (Inc.) and one of 100 top business visionaries (Business Insider) in the industry.

S’well introduced 28 new bottles and 5 new collections to its lineup.

Teakwood was our best-selling (and most Insta-worthy) bottle.

S’well hosted its very first retail experience, in the heart of NYC’s Meatpacking District, just in time for NYFW.

@swellbottle reached (and exceeded) 100K followers on Instagram. Thanks for the likes, comments, and shares!

S’well celebrated it’s 6th birthday by taking the team on a dazzling cruise around Manhattan.

We partnered with 5 charities, including UNICEF USA, American Forests, BCRF, No-Shave November, Drink Up, and (RED), to donate a significant portion of our proceeds to making a difference in the world we live in.

S’well collaborated with 2 unique artists, Gray Malin and Yoon Hyup, to create limited edition artist collection bottles.

We received 1,030 S’well Adventure submissions. Our fans took their bottles to the Amalfi Coast, Texas, and Oregon.

We witnessed to 5 S’well promproposals and 1 wedding proposal from our most fanatical followers.


Thanks for making our 2016 so, well, S’well. Cheers to a great new year!

Holiday Hosting


Hosting during the holidays with S'well stainless steel water bottle


It’s finally time to revel in the most wonderful time of the year: the season for giving, gifting, getting, and celebrating. Flipping the calendar to December is the official green light to put on your party best and host the soiree of the season. So many invites to juggle, so little time. Let us help make your holiday hosting a breeze. Follow our easy tips and tricks to pulling off the ultimate festive get-together.


First things first: set the mood with all the classics, but with a modern twist. Deck the halls with earthy greenery mixed with silver and gold accents to play up the twinkling tree. We suggest adorning your dinner table with a eucalyptus leaf table runner and scattered mini ornaments and gold leaves amidst your tiered treat platters.


Hosting during the holidays with S'well stainless steel water bottle


Create an ambience that will captivate your guests the moment they walk in the door. For mood lighting, place string lights and tea light candles throughout the room. Tune into our Fall Playlist for soothing seasonal sounds.


Hosting during the holidays with S'well stainless steel water bottle


When it comes to prepping for your gathering, don’t stress. Instead, let your guests pitch in: ask everyone to bring a favorite holiday bite or spirit. Make someone else’s holiday merry and bright. Mix up your secret gift exchange by asking guests to donate to their gift recipient’s charity of choice in lieu of swapping presents. Giving back always feels better than getting. If you’re feeling particularly generous, offer up party favors that give back too. (RED) products, for example, contribute to the fight to ends AIDS.




Wishing you happy hosting & happier holidays!

Introducing the Gem Collection


Introducing the S'well bottle Gem Collection


Our design team took a down-to-earth approach to designing this season’s premium bottle collection. We found the inspiration images on all of the moodboards around our studio had a connecting golden thread: rich tonal jewel hues, plush textiles, and pieces of fractured minerals. With a focus on the relationship between color and light, The Gem Collection was born.

This fall, we’re finding inspiration in bold street style shots, where the unapologetically fashion focused aren’t afraid of mixing bold colors to highlight their equally-as-bold personalities. Our design team is fascinated with the light-bending facets found in earthy minerals and stones, which occur naturally in both fractured and polished forms. A smattering of Swarovski crystals reflect the collection’s laid-back luxe. The Gem Collection has a hue for every facet of your personality: luxurious tonal colors which are smooth, sophisticated, and chic.



The making of the S'well bottle Gem Collection

Perfecting the color palette



The making of the S'well bottle Gem Collection

Playing with hues and finishes



The making of the S'well bottle Gem Collection

Brainstorming the nomenclature of the collection






December 1st marks World AIDS Day, and S’well is doing its part to #endAIDS by teaming up with (RED), a nonprofit organization dedicated to the fight against HIV/AIDS. 100% of the money (RED) raises goes to The Global Fund to fight AIDS, supporting programs in sub-Saharan Africa, which provide HIV+ pregnant women access to the lifesaving medication they need to ensure their babies are born HIV-free. S’well’s limited edition (PRODUCT)RED bottles find perfect harmony in gift giving and giving back.


S'well was featured in the (PRODUCT)RED Shopathon to raise funds in the fight against AIDS

Photo courtesy of (RED)


Every year, (RED) hosts its annual (SHOPATHON)RED on Jimmy Kimmel Live! featuring (RED) products and winnable celebrity experiences from partnering brands. In case you missed it, S’well was one of the featured products in this year’s star-studded show, along with like-minded brands like Apple, Starbucks, and Gap.


Limited Edition (PRODUCT)RED S'well bottles raise funds in the fight against AIDS


This year, with your purchase of our limited edition (PRODUCT)RED bottles, S’well will contribute enough to provide over 16,000 days of life-saving HIV medication with (RED). These limited edition bottles, offered in Rowboat Red, Silver Lining, and London Chimney, come in a 9oz and 25oz size with both a Silver Lining and Rowboat Red cap. What’s better than giving back and getting your holiday shopping done at the same time? Shop the bottles below and learn more about (RED)’s humanitarian efforts here.



Rowboat Red


Silver Lining


London Chimney

#SwellAdventures in Texas


#SwellAdventures with Jessica Pullin and her S'well water bottle at Big Bend National Park in Southwest, Texas


In case you missed it, over the past couple of months we’ve been featuring a few of our favorite #SwellAdventures from S’wellers venturing across the world. Today, the journey continues with Jessica Pullin, a graduate student from Dallas, who recently traveled to Big Bend National Park in Texas. Read on to find out more about Jessica’s trip to see the canyons of the Rio Grande.


#SwellAdventures with Jessica Pullin and her S'well water bottle at Big Bend National Park in Southwest, Texas


Tell us a little bit about yourself.  

My name is Jessica Pullin from Dallas, TX. I am a 28 year old graduate student at Southern Methodist University studying Manufacturing Systems Management. I am also a full-time employee at Lockheed Martin working in Global Supply Chain Operations. I have a love for singing, spin classes, and game nights, but my favorite pastime is traveling. Take me to the mountains or give me time to explore a big city and I’m completely content!


#SwellAdventures with Jessica Pullin and her S'well water bottle at Big Bend National Park in Southwest, Texas


Tell us about your #SwellAdventures.  

I went to an InstaMeet in Big Bend National Park. The drive from Dallas to Southwest Texas was about 9 hours each way, but the trip ended up being worth every mile. Upon arrival, we setup our tent in the designated camp sites right in the middle of a 360 degree beautiful view of the Chisos Mountains. We then were taken on a 5 mile hike on the Lost Mine Trail. There was a nice breeze, but it was still the desert in the Texas summer heat, so having cold water in my S’well bottle was a necessity. Later that evening we were able to watch the sunset followed by listening to local bands in the park’s amphitheater. We ended the first night with stargazing for hours. The view of the Milky Way was breathtaking and the number of shooting stars was fascinating! We successfully took a few photos of the stars, but no photo will ever truly do the experience or views justice.

The next morning, we got up early to watch the sunrise over the mountains, then we drove to the south end of the park to the Santa Elena Canyon where we were able to swim in the Rio Grande and hike to some incredible scenic views at the Texas-Mexico border. We ended the trip with a picnic before making the drive back home. It was a short weekend trip, but it was definitely one to remember.


#SwellAdventures with Jessica Pullin and her S'well water bottle at Big Bend National Park in Southwest, Texas


Which S’well did you take with you?  

I took a 17oz Teakwood.


What’s your favorite adventure to date?  

My favorite adventure is likely a recent trip to northern California. In four days, we put a large dent in exploring San Francisco, Yosemite National Park, and Napa.


#SwellAdventures with Jessica Pullin and her S'well water bottle at Big Bend National Park in Southwest, Texas


What are your other adventure essentials?  

My North Face backpack, Ray Bans, and Canon always go with me on my adventures.


Have any good adventure tips or tricks you’d like to share?  

Use Instagram hashtags to find neat places to add to your bucket list. While planning my weekend trips, I navigate through hashtags to make my to-do lists based on what looks good or fun. I usually have a category for scenery, food, and coffee shops for each trip. A road trip doesn’t have to be expensive. Make a budget each month for adventures and stay within that budget by reserving a room through Airbnb or staying in a tent. You can also pack a cooler and picnic to save a few dollars from eating out, if necessary to stay within budget.


#SwellAdventures with Jessica Pullin and her S'well water bottle at Big Bend National Park in Southwest, Texas


What is the next #SwellAdventure on your bucket list?  

I just got back from exploring Kansas City, MO, but my next adventure is a Caribbean Cruise, leaving in three weeks.


You can follow along on the rest of Jessica’s adventures on her Instagram. Don’t forget to share your adventures with us by tagging @swellbottle and using #SwellAdventures.





Giving every voice the opportunity to be heard is a fundamental initiative here at S’well. Whether pitching new innovations, collaborating between teams, or talking about this year’s imminent election, every employee here is encouraged to speak up and lean in. Partaking in this year’s voting process is so important to Founder and CEO Sarah Kauss that she has chosen to close the S’well HQ office on Election Day, allowing employees the freedom and flexibility to vote and volunteer as they please. Read on to hear Sarah and her fellow S’well employees sound off on why it’s important to get out and vote.


“We’re nearing the end of another election season. We’ve passed the signs endorsing one candidate over another; we’ve heard countless news stories that might make someone reconsider who they support; we’ve even watched the SNL sketches that are humorous, but sometimes seem to mirror what we’ve already been seeing.  

I decided to close the S’well HQ on November 8th, Election Day, because this election is so much more than bringing someone new into The White House; it will have a profound impact on the future of our country. We are lucky to live in a country that allows its citizens the freedom to have our voices heard and I want to encourage all of the S’well employees to exercise that right. I believe that we should seize every opportunity to make a difference in this world.

-Sarah Kauss, Founder & CEO, S’well


“Less than a hundred years ago, women did not have the right to vote in the United States. A lot of very brave women paved the way so that I could walk into a voting booth and exercise this right. Every time I cast a vote for a candidate or ballot measure, I feel that I am honoring the work and legacy of these trailblazers.”

Kimberly, Project Management Team


“As citizens of this republic, voting is our most powerful tool to help shape our future by approving the policies put forth by our potential leaders. Millions of men and women made great sacrifices for me to be able to participate in our democracy and we should all do them a service by going out on Election Day and making an informed choice.”

Tauriac, Information Technology Team


“On Election Day my wife and I, along with some co-workers, will be volunteering at a local shelter in our community. This level of giving back and care for others is something I believe should be a part of everyone, especially our world leaders.”

-Brenden, Customer Service Team


This year I will be flying home to Miami, FL to cast my vote! This election is particularly important to the future of our country, and the right to vote is one that is not afforded to many people across the world, which is why I will be going to a great length to make sure my voice is heard.“

-Staci, Graphic Design Team


Have an impact; if you want things to change, vote. If you don’t, you’re letting someone else drive and forfeiting your opportunity to share your opinion. Everyone’s opinion is part of the bigger picture, so remember that yours counts for something.”

-Kristian, Operations Team


When do we get to choose our leaders? Maybe in school, possibly in business. It’s our gift and right as a citizen of this country to vote for the leaders — those who can affect change. It’s our responsibility as Americans to take the time to thoughtfully review the issues of our nation and elect the representative that best aligns with our own thoughts and ideals. Think about what kind of democracy you want – and go out and make it happen.”

-Alison, Sales Team

Fresh for Fall

thumb_IMG_0263 copy

S'well water bottle celebrates Fall


Indulging in comfort foods, picking fresh apples, sipping hot toddies, layering cozy sweaters, watching the leaves change: These are some of our favorite things about fall. There’s an innate warmth you feel as the cooler weather moves in. Maybe it’s the emphasis on spending time with family and friends, or the opportunity to slow down and enjoy the autumnal activities. Whatever it is, we’re all for soaking in the goodness of fall.


S'well water bottle celebrates Fall


The Baltic Green Marble and Emerald bottles from our new fall collection epitomize the warmth and comfort the season gives us. Crisp green hues are reimagined in earthy patterns and glittery finishes, perfect for transporting everything from hot coco, sangria, warm apple cider, or a host of other seasonal sips. While you’re getting in the fall spirit, give a listen to S’well’s Fall Playlist on Spotify.


content2_IMG_9971 copy

S’well Fall Playlist


The makers of S'well water bottle update their soundtrack for fall with a playlist perfect for any autumnal activity


The change of the seasons calls for an updated S’well soundtrack. We’ve curated the perfect playlist that embodies everything we love about the fall season, suitable for any number of autumnal activities, from road trips upstate to hosting dinner parties with close friends. Listen below and follow @swellbottle on Spotify.


S’well Space: Art of the End Table


S'well water bottle doubles as a decorative object, suitable for any desk or end table arrangement.


Get a S’well that can do both: Your hydration accessory doubles as a decorative object, suitable for any desk or end table arrangement. The end table is the unsung hero of home furnishing. Small, but capable of packing a mighty design punch, it’s a perfect spot for you to show off your S’well bottle and a few of your favorite trinkets. The new fall collection has an array of earthy elemental patterns and warm hues to perfectly compliment any unoccupied end table, nightstand, or credenza in your space.

Read on for some of our go-to tips for ornamenting your end table and making your house a home.


S'well water bottle doubles as a decorative object, suitable for any desk or end table arrangement.-copy


Play with levels by stacking books and marble risers. Now you have no excuse not to  turn off your screens and dive into that book you’ve “been meaning to crack open”.


S'well water bottle doubles as a decorative object, suitable for any desk or end table arrangement.


A small dish on your nightstand provides a place for your jewelry to rest and ensures nothing gets lost.


S'well water bottle doubles as a decorative object, suitable for any desk or end table arrangement.


A small dose of greenery will zen out up your end table. Bonus points if you get an air purifying plant or a picturesque succulent.


S'well water bottle doubles as a decorative object, suitable for any desk or end table arrangement.


To ensure sweet dreams of fond memories, place polaroids of your favorite people and places on your nightstand.


S'well water bottle doubles as a decorative object, suitable for any desk or end table arrangement.


A monochrome color scheme is always chic, but a pop of color is an easy fix to brighten up an otherwise boring corner fixture.

#BeTheEnd of Breast Cancer


S'well water bottle partners with Breast Cancer Research Foundation to give


This October, S’well is teaming up with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation to be a part of a cure for breast cancer. All month long, for every Bikini Pink bottle sold, we’re donating 20% of the proceeds to BCRF. Help find a cure and #BeTheEnd, shop Bikini Pink bottles and give back.

“Each October, the color pink serves as a reminder that it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It is an important time to be thankful for the survivors, remember those we’ve lost, and educate ourselves on early detection and proper diagnosis of breast cancer.  Many S’well team members, including myself, have had their families affected by breast cancer. I am so proud to support the BCRF and all of the research they do.”

-Sarah Kauss, Founder & CEO, S’well Bottle