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Coachella Packing List

Weekend 1 of Coachella was a hit. Anyone still not sure what to pack for weekend 2? Check out our packing essentials to be your #festbest:

1. S’well bottle

It’s going to be one hot party! Make sure to beat the heat with your 9 oz Satin Collection S’well bottle. With it’s double-insulated stainless steel interior, you can be sure that your drinks will stay cool all day long.

2. Sunglasses
Your eyes will be 100% protected from the sun’s rays with these mirrored aviators from Ray Ban.

3. Fanny Pack
Keep all your belongings safe with the Herschel Fanny pack. It’s versatile design allows you to wear it around your waist or over your shoulder, so keeping track of your phone will be a breeze.

4. EOS lip balm
Chapped lips are never in style. Protect your lips with this adorable lip balm from EOS.

5. Converse
With their trendy colors and timeless logo, these Converse kicks will keep your feet comfy all weekend.

6. Headband

This braided headband from Free People will make sure your hair stays out of your face when you dance the day away.

Need more ideas? Check out our #FestBest Pinterest board.


Spring into 2014 With S’well!


Read our Full Newsletter here and see why Spring is so S’well!


World Water Day

World Water Day (March 22nd) is quickly approaching and to celebrate, S’well has collaborated with Able Made, a company devoted “to bringing communities together to create beautifully designed, exclusive products that fund social impact projects.” Together, S’well and Able Made have designed an exclusive bottle directly supporting WaterAid’s efforts in Nicaragua. A collaborative social media contest allowed fans of both organizations an opportunity to join in the efforts. Three different designs were produced and the finalized product was voted on by S’well and Able Made supporters alike.

The winning “Thirsty for Change” bottle will help WaterAid provide clean water to Auhya Pihni Village School in Nicaragua. The school’s current rainwater collection system have proven insufficient to last the entirety of their dry season. Additionally, proceeds from sales of these bottles will aid the production of handwashing stations in each classroom, as well as new bathrooms featuring separate facilities for boys and girls.

Auhya Pihni is a Miskitu Indian village in the North Atlantic Region of the Nicaraguan Caribbean of Nicaragua inhabited by 276 families (roughly 1,280 people ). The three-room secondary school has an enrollment of 50 students (17 boys and 33 girls), while their primary school provides education to 364 students (203 boys and 161 girls).

With your purchase of a Limited Edition Able Made x S’well Bottle, you support WaterAid in America and their funding of this important project.

Join the cause and get yours today:




S’well Takes On SXSW Interactive and TED in Prosperous New Year


Since the inception of S’well as a company about three years ago, we have been hungry for change, development, and most of all – healthy, happy, and helpful lives. That being said, we have strived to make a water bottle that is not only eco-friendly stainless steel that reduces plastic use, but one that is also fashion forward, modern, and socially responsible. On the cusp of these things lay many companies trying to be the best, but few that have a presence in as many areas as S’well. Over the years we have been featured in Ellen, sponsored Virgin Free Festival, crafted a new ecommerce site, made custom bottles for Audi, and worked with fashion brands and designers such as Robert Rodriguez. In the future, we see ourselves doing no different. In the coming months, S’well will have two new major announcements, a presence at SXSW Interactive, and yet again, the TED conference to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

South By Southwest, or SXSW, is one of the biggest Music, Interactive, and Film festivals in the world and has attendees in the upwards of 25,000 people. S’wells CEO Sarah Kauss will be part of the festival’s mentor section at interactive, giving small business owners and entrepreneurs like herself career advice and overall tips on whatever questions they may have. This years interactive festival will have hundreds of speakers and panels, including Seth Meyers, Adam Savage, Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein of Portlandia, and much more. SXSW will take Sarah Kauss down to Austin, TX where she will be attending her first SXSW ever, which S’well is extremely excited about.

As for TED, the non-profit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading, our CEO Sarah Kauss will be in attendance of this years special upcoming conference in Vancouver. The 30th anniversary conference will host 70+ leading thinkers and doers on its stage. Notable speakers include philanthropists Bill & Melinda Gates, gun activists Gabby Giffords & Mark Kelly, music producer Mark Ronson, and famed musician Sting. According to TED, this year they will “be seeking to understand what are truly the most significant developments of the last 30 years … and applying that knowledge to understand what’s ahead.” This goes along with the overall nature of S’well as a whole. Knowing what’s ahead, and continuing to make a product that our consumers love while giving back and staying true to ourselves. We hope your 2014 is as prosperous as ours, and that you stay tuned for more by following our blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

S’well is proud to be partnering with Alicia Keys’ charity, Keep a Child Alive. This incredible organization identifies and funds grassroots organizations in Africa and India that are providing dignified treatment and comprehensive, loving care to children and families affected by HIV. This week for every limited edition S’well bottle sold, instead of the original 10% of proceeds going back, the percentage of proceeds going back to KCA will increase:

1 bottle = 10%
2 bottles = 20%
3 bottles = 30%
4 bottles = 40%
5 bottles = 50%


More about KCA:

Keep a Child Alive was founded in 2003 by AIDS activist Leigh Blake and 15-time Grammy Award-winner Alicia Keys. The organization began as an emergency response to the HIV epidemic, raising global awareness about the urgent and unmet need for HIV treatment in sub-Saharan Africa, and granting funds to community-based organizations to provide free, life-saving treatment to keep people living with HIV from needlessly dying.

The core mission is unchanged. This organization’s work has since grown to include the critical components that are necessary to support successful, life-long HIV treatment: comprehensive clinical care, psychosocial support, nutritious food and loving care. KCA now provides financial and programmatic assistance to nine innovative, community-based partners in Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Uganda and India.

We invite you to contribute to this good cause by purchasing a limited edition KCA S’well bottle this week with our increased percentage of proceeds going back to Keep a Child Alive.

You can purchase one here or find out more about KCA here.


Why Choose Reusable? Top 5 Reasons to Put Down the Plastic

Think about the last time you drank out of a plastic bottle. Now think of the last time you cared. The truth is, many people don’t think about the impact of using plastic. We purchase and drink out of water bottles as if the world would end if we drank some tap water. In addition to polluting landfills and water supplies worldwide, there’s also one candidate to the malice of plastic we overlook: “BPA”, or Bisphenol-A to be exact. BPA walks on thin ice when it comes to expert studies on its adverse effect on humans. Along with BPA, many other factors contribute to why we think you should switch to good old stainless steel.

1. Make your wallet greener.

Buying plastic water bottles can cost consumers up to $1,400 per year if they drink the recommended eight glasses a day via plastic bottles. Although many people would argue they only purchase a few bottles a week, that’s still a heck of a lot more than the standard US tap water rate of $0.49 a year. We think using reusable bottles instead of plastic is worth it. Think about it, many individuals (786 million people) don’t have access to clean water. Take advantage of Uncle Sam’s gift of available tap water. And if you want to do more to help like we do, please donate here.

2. If scientists care, why shouldn’t you?

Although many studies about the use of plastic water bottles are inconclusive on the effects of BPA (bisphenol-A, a plastic hardener in most plastic containers), the fact that scientists care should at least raise an eyebrow. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and less BPA in your life certainly won’t hurt you. According to many studies conducted on mice exposed to higher levels of BPA, the use caused hormonal problems, developmental issues in infants, and even neural hazards. A recent study published on Fast Company also states that there is now one definitive link between liver cancer and BPA – finding that mice exposed to BPA from birth for 10 months developed tumors, even when they were already resistant to them. Yikes.

3. Pollution.

Plain and simple. If we have to produce billions of bottles a year, the waste and fossil fuels used must be astronomical. According to one study, the fuel used to power the manufacturing plants could instead give 100,000 homes energy for one year. Also, transporting the plastic water bottles to distribution facilities around the globe does affect greenhouse gasses.

4. You won’t recycle.

Let’s face it, only 1 out of 5 plastic bottles purchased will reach the recycling bin. Due to busy lifestyles, lack of information, and popular trends, people just throw these things away. It’s way less likely you’ll throw away a stainless steel bottle you spent your hard earned money on, and did we mention they will look way cooler? Plastic: a fashion no-no.

5. Durability.

Plastic bottles are one and done. Whichever metal water bottle you choose as an alternative (hmm, can’t think of any!), will last. Do the math.

Check out this video we love to hear more!


12 Days of Giveaways!

We’re celebrating the countdown till Christmas by releasing 12 gift packs daily and choosing one lucky winner each day. To enter, first LIKE the S’well Bottle Facebook page and then LIKE each daily competition post. We will post a photo of the gift pack each day at 9 AM EST, and choose a the winner at 6 PM EST daily. Good luck!



Happy Thanksgivukkah!

Happy Thanksgivukkah! In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past month, this hybrid of a holiday was coined because this year Thanksgiving and Hanukkah both fall on the same day, November 28th and this overlap won’t happen again for 70,000 years. So toast to turkey and latkes with your Amber Spice S’well bottle!